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Set one row back from the surf at Beachport in South Australia's south-east, Luke and Anna's House is a contemporary reimagination of the fibro beach shack.


Comprising a lofty weather board clad upper story that turns its head towards the sea views, the building is anchored by a concrete block lower living area.  Dubbed the 'bunker' it is suitably robust to cater for little and big kids playtime alike.  Sitting off of the Bukner is the 'Bunkhouse', an 8 bed dorm style space.

The living wing has been designed around the dimensions of stacked shipping containers, a current exploration of 4 stacked containers built off site as first stage works is being investigated as an innovative way of staging the project.

The internal spaces of the upper floor are timber lined to act as a warm counterpoint to the exposed structure and rawness of the maintenance free external materials.

Status: Sketch Design


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