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Our practice is driven to create an experience that is client focussed, and economically and environmentally sustainable. 

We challenge ourself to create architecture that is sensitive to it's place, resistant to trends and most importantly has a sense of identity to suit its occupants.

Our projects are characterised by an expression of a buildings structure and palettes of natural, locally sourced materials designed to be maintenance free. We create internal spaces that are filled with natural light, connected to the outdoors, and have a sense of fun with materials and spatial planning. 


Our projects are evocative, colourful and seek to explore contrast and playfulness.  For us every project is an opportunity to be playful, creative and unique.


How We Work

We work collaboratively.

We sketch extensively, exploring multiple options for each project.  We build a story board of ideas and precedents unique to each project and involve the client in all of the early decision making.

Client input is invaluable, and always listened to and respected.
Once we have developed the design through sketching we input this into computer software to create a 3D model to conceptualize and test early ideas.


We believe in the value of creating, so where we can we favour craft and the hand made.  We appreciate working with local talented trades.  There is where we find lasting value.
Our designs are rational, expressive of function and expressive of the craftsmen who will build it.  


We believe that design is not solely the responsibility of the architect, design is a process that all contribute too.  It requires collaboration between the client, consultants, craftsmen, artists and builders.  It is here that it is our responsibility and strength to bring everything together into one vision to allow the designing process to flourish.  In this way we work with you to bring out the best in every project.

We have experience with owner builders, and are happy to discuss ways we can help you build your own house.  Nothing could be more rewarding than bringing your own vision to life yourself.


Contact us to arrange for a no obligation meeting to discuss your project.


We acknowledge and respect Aboriginal people as South Australia's first peoples and recognise Aboriginal people as traditional owners of the land and waters in which we work. We respect Aboriginal cultural heritage beliefs, languages and laws; and pay respect to Elders past present and future.

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